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Where'd that name come from?

Contrary to most impressions, our studio is not named after a tasty adult beverage. When we first decided to pool our separate arts and photography interests into the formation of a proper studio we had the inevitable discussion about what to name the company. Simpson Arts seemed like a perfect name, but it was a bit boring and the URL was taken.

Part of our pack at that time was our beloved dog, Mickey. Regal and sensitive in nature, he loved sticks, often breaking low branches off of bushes in the back yard to get "fresh" ones. Several years earlier an errant mimosa tree sprouted beside our back porch. Mimosa trees were the climbing trees of Karan's youth spent in coastal Mississippi so for sentimental and organic reasons we decided to leave it to its own devices. It grew. Mickey chewed it. It grew and Mickey chewed it more. With each year that passed that mimosa tree kept coming back bigger than the last. As we were sitting under its shade one afternoon discussing our studio venture we were laughing about the tenacity of both Mickey and that tree. We don't remember which of us said it first, but we know we thought it simultaneously. Thus, Mimosa Arts was named.

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